One of the challenges that we face as we try to explore the depth unknowns of space is certainly aging. Our body always requires resources and energy to survive, so it can be very difficult to stay in space for a year, maybe more and wait until you reach the destination. NASA and other companies are already investigating the idea of cryosleep, which involves the use of hibernation pods. The main focus here is to find a way for humans to comfortably hibernate for a very long time, something that might be very helpful in the case of deep space travel that’s extremely long.

A way they could be able to do this is to integrate things like altering metabolic rates and putting the human body in a state very similar to coma. You would still have your consciousness, but you will have sleeping induced artificially and your body will end up being fed artificially. A key component according to studies is the body temperature regulation.

It can be a bit challenging to maintain the right body temperature without actively making the right changes in our lifestyle and health as a whole. That’s why things like having artificial solutions handling that for us is a very good idea. It helps more than expected and the benefits can indeed be outstanding in the long term if this becomes a reality.

There are other things to consider here as well. We need oxygen to survive, so our body needs to be fed the right amount of oxygen for all the functions to work properly. Sure, some of the functions can be slowed down and that means less oxygen, but there is still need for a lot of oxygen in order for us to survive and everything to work properly.

Cooling is also important here, because our body does need to maintain a certain temperature. As a result, cooling is a crucial part and it’s certainly something we want to tackle the best way that we can. Plus, we don’t really know how hibernating will affect us in any way. Does it preserve the human metabolism intact, or will you end up with health damage because of it? These things are very hard to know and identify, which is why heavy testing needs to be performed. And even then, we won’t really know the result until the real thing happens and a person experiences these things firsthand.

One thing is certain, there are many institutions and companies that are both researching and trying to bring the idea of hibernation pods to life. We can see them in the movies, and many researchers believe that they can become a real thing. This will help us quite a lot when it comes to exploring the depth of space, and it certainly has a vast range of great benefits too. Which is why we believe that hibernation pods have a lot of potential, although we are only in the early days of such ideas and technologies.