Is the US allies with Russia?

With the recent developments in Ukraine right now, it is fitting to examine the relations between the United States and Russia closely. As we all know, these two superpowers have been long-time competitors and have been players for global supremacy. It started after world war II when ideology was the leading proponent of their conflict. The capitalist thinking Americans accepted [...]

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What Are The New Sanctions Against Russia?

Sanctions are imposed on a country by other various countries as a deterrent to discourage any adverse acts done that go against international policies and laws. Because of Russia’s recent actions towards the country of Ukraine, several countries belonging to the United Nations have started to impose various sanctions towards Russian oligarchs and the Russian government in order to try [...]

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Why Does Russia Want Ukraine?

Ever since February 24th 2022, we’ve been continually dealing with a war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia started attacking Ukraine on that date after continually building up their forces around the Ukrainian borders for many months. A lot of people are afraid and for a very good reason, because such a war is something we didn’t see since WWII, and [...]

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