When you see a Tesla vehicle, one of the things that automatically stands out is definitely its paint. Tesla has invested in many different technologies to ensure that their customers have a durable, reliable and easy to use vehicle. Which does bring the question, does Tesla actually work with non-stick paint? As you will notice, Tesla does have a special type of paint.

Will spray paint stick to a Tesla?

Not all the time, because Tesla has its own range of paint that it uses. While it sounds great at first, the truth is that Tesla has a different type of paint and it’s stuff like that which really makes it so unique and different. You will be very impressed with its features and the overall results are second to none. That’s what truly makes it so distinctive and powerful in the first place. That alone is a great thing to consider.

What type of paint does Tesla have?

Tesla uses a technology which is named ceramic coating. This is a paint protection liquid which is applied on the paintwork of the vehicle. While the paint is very similar to normal paint, it’s this ceramic coating that helps protect the paint surface. Which is why a Tesla will look great for a very long time, and it will continue to stand out more than you might expect. It’s definitely something to enjoy, and the benefits can be second to none all the time. That alone is well worth the investment in a Tesla, if you think about it.

The ceramic coating was created by NASA with the idea of protecting items in space. This coating helps protect the vehicle and its paint from stuff like chemicals, freezing rain, acid rain and so on. Another thing to consider here is the fact that the ceramic coating is forming powerful chemical bonds with the substrate. That means you can’t remove it via a paint cleaner for example.

You get a very crystalline shine, and this also help speed things up when it comes to cleaning the car. Dirt is not going to stick to the paint that much, which is something to take into consideration. It also helps with some very small stone chips too. And yes, there’s no need to use any car wax either, which is incredibly impressive for this kind of stuff. Even the water beads are running off the car too.


One thing is certain, Tesla is always investing in the best and latest technologies in a variety of industries. It certainly stands out and it’s incredible from a visual standpoint, while pushing the boundaries and taking it to the next level. That’s why it’s well worth giving it a try, and the benefits are all second to none. Check it out and you will be impressed with the paint on the Tesla, and that’s exactly why you have to at least give it a try for yourself. Rest assured that it’s well worth it!