Ukraine is a country going through one of the toughest wars in modern history, and everyone needs to try and chime in, so they can help as much as possible. Helping the people of Ukraine during these tough moments is very important, and that’s why we need to bring in all the necessary support. There are many different ways we can start helping Ukraine, as you will notice below.

Ways you can help Ukraine

As you will notice with the list of charities below, the best way to help Ukraine is to just start donating as quickly as possible, as it really helps and it will make a huge difference. A good rule of thumb here is to also join a peace protest, to show solidarity with the people in Ukraine. Also, staying informed and making sure you only follow relevant, important sources of information is super important.

If you are in a country bordering Ukraine, donating any items that can help refugees can make a huge difference. The Ukraine refugees need a lot of water, food, and basic items that they can’t live without. That’s why finding the right way to help people from Ukraine can be challenging, and that’s why we need to address it as much as possible without any issues.

Charities helping Ukraine

There are many organizations currently helping the people of Ukraine with the stuff they need. Donating to them is a crucial idea at this point, since the money you send will go to the people in need. Offering them all the stuff they need really helps and it can make a huge difference in the long run. Here are some of the major organizations you can donate to and actively make a difference.

  • People in Need offers support for more than 200000 people, and they deliver hygiene items, drinking water, emergency shelters and many others.
  • The Ukrainian Red Cross also does a lot of humanitarian work, they train doctors and also help refugees too.
  • The United Nations World Food Program is sending a lot of emergency operations all over Ukraine with the idea of bringing people the food they need.
  • Save the Children is working closely with their partners to help provide all the items that kids need during these challenging times. Unicef is also doing the same.
  • Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit that focuses on sharing household supplies, clothes, hygiene products and many other items that are in dire need right now.
  • CARE is offering cash access, water, support services, hygiene kits and food, among others.
  • International Medical Corps is right on the frontlines, and they offer psychosocial and mental health support, as well as physical care services.

All these organizations are making a huge difference right now and it’s crucial to ensure that we support them so they can make a difference for the people of Ukraine. Any donation matters, no matter how small, and we really need to push the boundaries and focus on helping everyone as much as possible so they can get through this war.