Whenever a new iPhone is set to arrive to the market, we always try to figure out if there are any design changes or anything like that. The truth is that for most people, design changes are important, but what’s happening under the hood is also just as crucial. Which is why you always want to strive and come up with something unique. It’s exciting and it definitely pushes the limits in a creative and enjoyable manner.

Will the iPhone 14 design change?

According to the latest rumors, it’s expected that then iPhone 14 will have pretty much the same design as the previous model. There will be the same flat edged design, however they are making some changes to the body of the unit. They are also changing the display too, which is actually quite an interesting system to put in place here.

Leakers are suggesting that Apple is set to add a thicker chassis. There might not be a rear camera bump either, which is particularly interesting for this type of product. It’s a great approach and it’s set to make the phone look even better than ever before, which is always a nice thing to have. Aside from that, they are adding a new face ID hardware design, but this will only be for the Pro. It’s unclear for the time being if the lack of notch will be only on the iPhone 14 Pro or on the other models as well.

Will the iPhone 14 have a 120 Hz display?

Rumors are certainly pointing towards that. If that’s the case and this is true, then it will be a huge win for Apple. It really goes to show that the benefits can be incredible and in doing that, the payoff can be second to none. Leakers state that the 120 Hz display will actually be a Pro feature, which would be expected since they add the higher tier, impressive features to the more expensive model usually.

iPhone 14 Pro Release Date and Price

As always, we expect the iPhone 14 to launch in September. It might become available in September or October, it depends on a multitude of different factors. When it comes to price, we expect them to have a regular version at $799, a max version at $899, a Pro version for $1099 and a Pro Max for $1199. This would be the usual stuff we expect from Apple, but they are obviously subject to changes.

At the end of the day, the iPhone 14 does promise some rather significant changes, and it’s very nice to see that they are adding quite a lot of ideas. The 120 Hz would be great for Apple, even if it’s already been available on the Android side for quite some time. But that’s what really makes it so unique and different, the fact that Apple always brings its own features and they add their own spin to it. Which is great, because there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to at this time!