One of the main sources of energy for a lot of people and countries would be tidal power. Although it might not seem like a whole lot, tidal power continues to stand out as a great energy resource for a lot of people, and many rely on it just because it’s consistent and reliable. It’s certainly something to focus on and consider.

What is tidal power?

Tidal energy is hydropower and what this does is it harnesses kinetic energy coming from the fall and rise of ocean currents and tides. This energy is used to generate electricity. As you can imagine, if the tidal range is large or you have a great heigh difference between the low and high time, you get to generate more energy. With that in mind, tidal power is a great source of energy because it’s renewable and also very clean too. Tides can bring in a lot of energy, so tidal power is actually a very good option to consider when it comes to energy generation to begin with.

How does tidal power work?

First, we have the tidal turbine which is very similar to a wind turbine, however it’s underwater. The currents in water are pushing turbine blades, and that’s connected to a generator which helps generate electricity. Water is very dense when compared to air, so you do have more electricity generated. These are large, but they don’t damage the ecosystem in any way. Blades are moving slowly, so they don’t damage any marine life, which is important.

You also have tidal barrages that can also be used to harness tidal power. They are low-walled dams that get installed at estuaries or inlets. The idea here is to create a reservoir, the barrage gets secured to the sea floor, and the top is just a bit above the water. You have turbines at the bottom of the barrage. These are similar to hydropower dams, and they do have water flowing over turbines. The turbines are also connected to the generator and that helps generate electricity.

And then we have tidal fences. You can see these are a hybrid between the turbines and barrages. These are installed in a structure similar to a fence. They spin like a turnstile, and not like a propeller. The tidal energy is pushing these turnstile blades and these blades are connected to a generator. With that being said, they do work quite well and you can generate quite a bit of energy.


Even if tidal power is only the 9th source of energy when it comes to popularity, it’s still very impressive and it stands out with its features and benefits. With that in mind, having tidal power does allow us to improve upon how we generate energy and the results that come from it. Which is great, because it helps convey some extraordinary results in the long term. So yes, even if tidal power is not the most widely used power resource, it definitely has a lot of popularity and it’s bound to become even more appealing in the long term because it’s renewable.