Finding new ways to generate energy is super important and we really need to use these innovations to deliver great success. That’s where solutions like Pavegen come into play, and they are actively becoming more and more interesting all over the world. But what is Pavegen and why is it such a great option? Let’s find out!

What is Pavegen?

Pavegen is actually a kinetic tech floor tile powered by people. What this means is that whenever someone steps on the Pavegen tiles, these are generating clean energy. It’s a very interesting concept and one that does bring in quite a bit of benefits. It’s interesting to see that people are constantly trying to find new ways to generate energy and in doing that, we can help protect our planet. Which is crucial and an important aspect to take into consideration.

How much energy is generated via Pavegen?

Pavegen does a very good job at bringing in around 3 joules for every footstep. That also translates to around 5W of power when a person is walking. Is this a lot of energy? It can be enough for powering environmental sensors, screens, LED lights and so on. This is certainly a great option to consider and the benefits are indeed second to none.

Is Pavegen an efficient solution?

We always need to find ways to protect the environment and generate renewable energy. Pavegen is definitely a step in that direction and it does come with some very impressive and appealing ideas. We do need to ensure that we harness all kinds of energy that we can, and energy from footsteps is definitely an interesting option. It does work great and it has the potential to help us more than we might expect. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to do, but in the long run this might actually help.

Is there a reason why Pavegen tiles are triangular?

Yes, the main focus is to help prevent the apparition of various dead zones. This way you get a much better way to capture every footstep, which is certainly an important thing to take into consideration. It’s designed to maximize benefits, and in doing that, results can be extraordinary. It’s totally worth it and the outcome can indeed be among some of the best out there. Once you start doing that, in the end you have renewable energy that’s generated without damaging the environment. Instead, it just harnesses the human step, which is a very common energy source.


It’s great to see that our society is trying to make the most out of any type of resource that we can. And the reality is that it does work very well, with the benefits being impressive and downright incredible. The main focus for the Pavegen solution is to offer a simpler way to harness energy that we are already consuming every day to begin with. That alone does make a huge difference and it certainly eliminates many of the concerns that might arise. Doing that in the long run won’t be easy, but it’s definitely one of those things that can become a huge difference!