Force closing apps on the iPhone 14 is actually very simple. Enter the app switcher and browse through the apps that are currently open/suspended. You just have to identify the thumbnail of that app you want to use, flip it upward and you will be good to go. The thumbnail disappears, the app will force close.

One thing to note here is that the next time you launch the app, it does reload automatically so you don’t really have to do anything else. Restarting your phone might also solve the issue, in case the method listed above did not work on your iPhone 14. It just makes sense to restart, since it removes all the apps from being active, and you start with a fresh, new experience.

We recommend force closing apps because it’s the ideal thing to do and it won’t cause any kind of damage. That being said, force closing might not work all the time, so it does make sense to restart your phone if you want. That alone can indeed offer you an amazing experience.