SCP 096 is a creature from the SCP – Containment Breach game. This is a free indie survival horror game and it follows the adventure of a test subject which is held in a facility which contains various entities known as SCPs. SCP-096 is one of the most popular entities from the game, and a lot of people are wondering if this creature could be real or not.

What if SCP 096 looked in a mirror?

Based on the abilities of the SCP-096, we don’t really know if it can see at all. Sure, the creature has eyes, but we don’t really know that much about his vision and other factors. Which just goes to show how distinctive and different this creature is when compared to the other ones in the game. And that’s what makes a creature like SCP-096 special, because it’s unique to all the other creatures that you can find out there.

Is SCP 096 real?

There can always be conspiration theories stating a creature from a game can be real. The truth is that SCP-096 is not real, however experimentation on people and various creatures might bring a form of SCP-096 to life some day, if it will ever happen. That being said, this is all fictional and at the time of this writing there’s no such thing. But as we always say, you never really know what might happen and what experiments are taking place in random locations all over the world.

What should you know about SCP 096?

He is spending most of the day on the eastern wall of the containment chamber. When someone sees him and looks at him, he automatically covers his face, starts crying and screams in a powerful manner. He also shows a lot of emotional distress. Yet after a little bit, he stops and starts attacking the person that saw his face.

SCP-096 will go to great lengths to ensure that no one who saw his face will stay alive. So if you saw his face, you will be targeted until he finds you. He kills all his victims without leaving any trace of the body. Which is why it’s implied that he eats the victims. After doing that, he returns to a docile state and to his normal habitat.

The lore of the game says that SCP-096 was a normal child at one point, but other kids laughed at him because he was ugly. It was the self-hatred and depression that made him the monster he is today. needless to say, he is not being laughed at anymore.

With that in mind, SCP-096 has quite the lore and there are plenty of written and audio stories about him. Which is what makes a character like SCP-096 so special, because it’s different and it does stand out more than you might expect. It’s certainly something to consider and keep in mind when you play the game. Will a creature like SCP-096 appear in real life? The chances of that happening are slim to none, but as we said, experiments gone wrong can produce such a being at one point. For now, there’s no SCP-096 in the real world!