With the recent developments in Ukraine right now, it is fitting to examine the relations between the United States and Russia closely. As we all know, these two superpowers have been long-time competitors and have been players for global supremacy. It started after world war II when ideology was the leading proponent of their conflict. The capitalist thinking Americans accepted that individuals should own business while the Communist Russian believed that industry should be state-controlled. This clash in ideologies led to a struggle between the two countries where they both aimed for world domination.

Each country developed and increased its military capabilities to gain an advantage. This increased military strength led to the development of nuclear competence. Their trying to outdo each other is also why these countries ventured into space exploration.

The US-Russo conflict further deteriorated when acts of aggression on both sides. The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, which the Russians protested and the Russian invasion of Ukraine led both countries to impose sanctions on each other. These two countries have responsibilities to keep the world peace and watch each other closely the escalation of nuclear and biological weaponry. They also help curb terrorism, the spread of Covid-19 and the global prevention of climate change.

What Does Russia Think About the US?

Both countries have used their media to disparage each other. It is an effective tool to gain sympathy from the country’s populace. The general sentiment of the residents was their country is the superior one, and they look at the other side as the bad guy. Here are some facts of how each one from their respective country views their opposing counterparts:

  1. Russians think that Americans are loud and boisterous compared to them.
  2. Americans and Russians think that the opposing country threatens world peace.
  3. It is a fact that Americans are wealthier than the average Russian. It is due to the control of Russian on their economy. Only a few selected individuals have priority on owning businesses.
  4. Russian women take pride in their femininity, look down on American women, and find them generally embarrassing.
  5. The Americans are known for openness in the LGBT movement, while Russians are more conservative.
  6. Americans are more racist in general as there are still some areas where race is still a big issue. There is a varied mix of ethnicity in Russia, and Russians are more accomodating in this respect.

Is the US Going to War with Russia?

There is already an ongoing-psychological war between both countries. However, if we are speaking of all-out military warfare between these two countries, it is most unlikely to happen as both are wary of the full-scale effects of this scenario.

By imposing sanctions on each other is the economic war they are waging. It escalated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where the US and its NATO allies have imposed economic sanctions on Russia as a protest against the attack.

In the current scenario now, each country is closely watching the moves of each other, and this is a good way of maintaining global peace.