One of the most interesting things about our society is that we are constantly focused on evolving and bringing in unique, new ways to improve our life. But at the same time, we also create some things that are extremely problematic to deal with. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to ensure you always have access to the right solutions that truly shine in a situation like this. But at the same time, you also have nukes that can be very problematic to say the least. So the question is, what happens if we actually end up with a nuked city?

The effects of a nuclear attack

Needless to say, nuclear bombs are a huge problem if they are used, and they can bring in massive issues unlike anything else out there. Within a millisecond, you have a ball of plasma that grows in a fireball to around 2 km. Within the ball, just everyone ends up gone. Everything from people to sculptures, trees, cars are evaporated. Even if you are far away from this place, you can end up blind for a few hours.

The entire heat of this light delivers a thermal pulse that burns everything up to 13 km from the detonation site. That means an area of around 500 square km can easily burn and that becomes a huge issue right off the bat. With that in mind, things like skin, hair, fabric and plastic end up burning right away.

The shockwave

That flash is just the first part of the explosion. Then you have a shockwave that’s created from the superheated and very well compressed air. With that being said, the most important aspect here is that you do end up with buildings and a variety of items damaged by the shockwave, something that clearly becomes a major challenge. With that in mind, the mushroom cloud that we associate with a nuke ends up casting a dark shadow right over the ruined city.

Even if you are around 20 km away from the explosion, you will still end up dealing with the shockwave, and that’s exactly the thing that really makes the nuke such a detrimental and challenging thing. These explosions are unlike anything else out there and it’s safe to say that they can be very problematic and challenging. That’s why you want to address this issue right away and avoid such an attack in the first place.

If a nuclear attack does happen, especially in populated areas, this can lead to a total catastrophe. You really want to ensure stuff like this is avoided, even if it can end up being a huge issue in the long term. That’s definitely the important aspect to keep in mind, since nuclear attacks are some of the worst ones that can ever happen on our planet. Staying away from them and preventing them at all times is a great way not only to protect the environment and people as well.