The world is filled with innovation and we always strive to come up with new technologies and ideas that make our life easier. The idea of creating an underwater farm has been around for quite a long time, and it continues to stand out as something that most people might actually want to try out. The great advantage that comes from a structure like Nemo’s Garden is that it actively works, and it can indeed help us grow plants underwater.

This is the only underwater farm in the world, and it harnesses some very interesting ideas and technologies. They have 6 clear plastic pods willed with air, they are anchored at the bottom of the sea via weights, chains and ropes. Nemo’s Garden is in Noli, Italy, right near the cost. The structures are around 15 to 35 feet underwater, and they can easily be reached by divers. It’s a very distinctive concept and the type of thing that a lot of people are wondering if it will become the norm in the near future.

With the overall temperatures raising all the time on our planet, we need to find ways to deal with that and having underwater farms might very well be the option. Granted, doing all this work and adjacent costs can make it less feasible financially, but if the Nemo’s Garden shows anything is that we can indeed grow plants underwater without that much of a problem.

At the Nemo’s Garden they are growing a variety of different herbs, including basil. Created by Sergio Gamberini which is a chemical engineer, this underwater garden is actually bringing in great results. However, there are some things to keep in mind for this kind of stuff. Nemo’s Garden has great sunlight exposure since it’s not deep in the ocean. At the same time, the temperature is stable, yet the plants themselves don’t deal with the UV rays directly and that prevents damage.

In order to make Nemo’s Garden work, they are using a hybrid technique that involves sunlight as well as fresh water coming from the land and electricity being provided the same way. It’s certainly not the ideal option, but it does work quite nicely and it’s great to see that the entire thing paid off very well, even as an experiment.

The question for us is, will we end up having underwater gardens in the near future? That can be very difficult to figure out, but the future seems bright from that perspective. What really matters at this time is to find the best ways to actively harness untapped resources. And yes, Nemo’s Garden shows that we can have gardens underwater. It will involve more work and resources, but if the planet makes it hard to grow veggies and other compounds anymore, that becomes a major issue and something we need to tackle as much as possible. This might be how we grow plants in the next century, but only time can tell!