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Tesla is a company widely known for innovations in the car world. But if the latest reports and rumors are true, the reality is that we might actually have a Tesla in our hands sometimes this year. The interesting thing is that since it’s made by Tesla, the new phone might actually end up being extremely sophisticated, with a clever design, but also very creative and filled with all kinds of new technologies. Of course, there’s no specific design we know of at this time, but there are plenty of rumors that keep the hype going for this type of product.

Tesla Phone Price?

Right now there’s no certain price set, but there are rumors. What we know about the phone is that it might cost around $1050 or so. Granted, this is a rumor, but it does fall within the expected price point that a lot of people have. Many think that the phone will be a high end model, so it being over $1000 is certainly something a lot of people were expecting to say the least.

Are there any specs available?

At this time, what we do know is that this will be a flagship phone. That means we can most likely expect high end specifications from it. Rumors suggest that it will have corning gorilla glass 6 and an AMOLED display. Aside from that, it’s also rumored that the phone will be able to charge your phone via using solar energy. It sounds like a great idea, and it certainly fits the profile when it comes to what Tesla and Elon Musk in particular are working on.

If we were to guess, we can also expect a fast Starlink Connectivity and integration as well. Some even say that the Tesla Phone might even have some crypto mining capabilities embedded from the factory. These sound like some interesting implementations, but it’s hard to know whether that will become a reality or not, only time can tell. Yet it’s exciting to see so many interesting ideas being brought into the mix in such a great and enjoyable way.

Is there a launch date for the Tesla Phone?
For now, we don’t have any official date. But if we are trusting rumors, we might expect the Tesla Pi Phone (as the rumors are calling it), to be launched at some time in 2022. Depending on the announcement date, we will know when exactly will the phone come out. But the thing we do expect is for the launch to be sometime late 2022 most likely. One thing is certain, having Tesla as a player in the smartphone world is unexpected. But it might very well be the boost that the industry needs in order to innovate and come up with amazing, unique and better phones. Only time will tell, but the Tesla Phone is incredibly interesting and we are bound to be impressed with the features and benefits of this phone when it launches, hopefully later this year!