One of the ways we would be able to colonize Mars for example would be by nuking it at the poles. It sounds really interesting and it certainly brings in some extraordinary results. But at the same time, this has its fair share of challenges. However, what would happen if we start nuking the Sun? As you can expect, this is a crazy proposition, but then again we all want to know what effects might appear and what issues would we have to deal with in a situation like this. It’s definitely something different and still extremely dangerous.

The effects of a nuke on the Sun

Unlike nuking a planet, nuking the Sun would be something very different. The thing you need to realize when it comes to nuking the Sun is that the amount of energy in there is very high. There are constant temperature fluctuations and the sun itself is dealing with constant releases of energy that have temperatures way higher than a nuke. The thermal noise coming from the Sun is huge and the fact that we get to experience its benefits so far from the Sun says a lot.

On top of that, solar flares themselves are super powerful and we all know they can be extremely dangerous as well. So it makes a lot of sense to actually understand this and focus on eliminating any problems. The truth is that nuking the sun is not going to make any difference, even if we send an arsenal of nukes it won’t really make that much of a difference in the first place.

The thing is, the Sun is very powerful and only the fact that we are so far from it is what protects us to begin with. It’s certainly unlike anything else that you can find out there, and it pushes the boundaries with its incredible scope.

The sun is very big

Yes, this is a star that’s extremely large, so even if you nuke it with many different nukes, you won’t really feel that much of a difference. It just goes to show the true power of this star and the fat that it might actually melt the nuke and make it explode until it actually reaches the outer parts of the Sun, let alone the interior. This is one of the most powerful stars out there so no, nuking it won’t really make that much of a difference.


It’s important to understand the power and magnitude of the Sun, since it really goes to show that even nuking it wouldn’t make a huge impact. It’s always important to see just how powerful and majestic the Sun really is. At the end of the day, this is an amazing, powerful star unlike anything out there, and it’s certainly something to keep in mind that even nuking it won’t cause a difference. It’s crucial to keep in mind, and at the end of the day the benefits can be incredible if we protect the Sun and our planet.