Ever since February 24th 2022, we’ve been continually dealing with a war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia started attacking Ukraine on that date after continually building up their forces around the Ukrainian borders for many months. A lot of people are afraid and for a very good reason, because such a war is something we didn’t see since WWII, and it’s something no one wants to go through. But we do need to know what does Russia want from Ukraine to begin with.

It can be very difficult to know exactly mainly because we don’t really have an idea of what Putin’s strategy really is. Many think that his focus is to redraw the original boundaries of the former Soviet Union. He is 70 this year and he doesn’t really have that much time left to bring such an idea to fruition. So even if most of the country is against this type of attack, Russia is still pursuing the idea of bringing Ukraine back into Russia and having it under control.

Is Russia invading Ukraine?

Yes, and the Ukraine residents are either trying to flee the country or they are defending it as much as possible. It seems that Putin declared war to Ukraine because he said he can’t feel safe as a country due to Ukraine being controlled by nazis that want to have a massive set of nuclear weapons. What we noticed however is that Russia is refusing to state this is any invasion or war.

Internationally, this seems to be a fluke and certainly something that’s not justified at all. There’s no reason for Russia to attack Ukraine, unless they are worried that Ukraine might adhere to the EU or NATO, which would bring those forces right near the Russian border. Needless to say, they are trying to find a way to keep control over Ukraine, which is becoming quite the issue.

Is Ukraine part of Russia?

No, Ukraine is not a part of Russia, it’s a separate country. Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union years ago, however since the 90s Ukraine is its own country. That being said, Russia has a history of attacking Ukraine, albeit at a much smaller capacity and not a large invasion like this.

Why does Russia not want Ukraine to join NATO?

It’s difficult to say, but Russia seems to not want Ukraine in NATO because this will make it easy for those forces to reach the Russian borders. NATO isn’t really neighboring Russia, but if Ukraine joins NATO, then that becomes quite the issue. That’s why the most important factor to focus on here for Russia is to stop Ukraine from joining NATO at all costs and also getting access to all their resources.

One thing is certain, trying to join NATO was crucial for Ukraine, and Russia felt a major threat, so they had to address this. We don’t know how long this war will be, but what we do see is that things are quite challenging and we really need to find a way to tackle this appropriately, otherwise it can diverge into things that can get much worse!