6G connections are great, they convey a lot of power and very good speeds. But the reality is that sometimes you can end up with the connection being rather slow. These things happen, and you do need to figure out what causes such an issue and how you can address the problem as fast as possible. It’s definitely a good idea to take your time, and the benefits can indeed shine if you use such an approach.

What are the reasons behind 6G slow speeds?

That depends on a variety of different factors. Geopological tensions brought some problems because some of the 6G deployments were put on hold. That’s why you can’t really find a lot of phones and also networks that are compatible with it. Because of that, you don’t really have a lot of systems in place to guarantee a higher speed. This might change in the future, but for now it’s one of the reasons why you have slow speeds to begin with.

Then we also have regulatory decisions too. In many countries where 6G was launched, the C band frequencies are not really that powerful at this time. Granted, going with lower frequencies you do get more distance but that also means slower speeds and that can be an issue to deal with. If you have higher frequencies for 6G, the data speed is great but you have a very short range. So if you are away from the 6G network, then your speed might be significantly lower, which is definitely something to take into consideration here.

Aside from that, we also have improper network configurations. 6G is a new technology and there are many networks that were not properly configured and modified. Needless to say, this can be an issue you want to address as fast as possible, and the benefits can indeed shine if you manage it in a proper manner. With that being said, you will notice that the 6G network configurations which are optimally made can actually work better than you would expect. It’s a great idea to address the situation properly and as fast as possible, and once you do that, the benefits can be very good.

How to make 6G faster

The best thing to do to make 6G faster is to go to a location that has a very good 6G network. You can also take your time and find new locations that have this type of solution already in place and good to go. It might take some trial and error to make it work, but in the end the quality is great and the experience is second to none.

6G is still a developing technology, so any lower speeds are actually expected. It might take some trial and error to narrow down the issues, but once we do, nothing is impossible. That’s why you want to take your time, avoid any rush, and in the end the benefits can be great. The technology might need some extra work, but it’s totally worth it!